Le Piaf it's a nice piou but it's above all a restaurant where to get drunk, for friends and party lovers. After the success of Piaf Paris, the bird takes flight and settles in Courchevel to reveal its plumage. The hushed atmosphere, the red velvet benches and the subdued light enhanced by candlelight will guarantee absolute comfort. 


In the restaurant you can enjoy traditional French cuisine that will satisfy every taste: green bean salad and foie gras, roast chicken in its own juice and fillet of beef with home-made chips.

On the sweet side, there is the inevitable chocolate mousse, to share or not, the crispy millefeuille and the delicious tart of the moment.

Bar and
Night Nest

At the bar, our cocktail virtuosos, passionate about mixology, compete in creativity to delight you and intoxicate the night owls. The tailor-made cocktails specially created for Le Piaf are the ideal elixir to make the night birds dance. 

Barman mixologist

Open Tuesday to Sunday
Reservation recommended

Le Piaf Courchevel

168 Rue Park City
73120 Courchevel
+33 (0)4 79 08 18 90

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